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Use this form to submit a request to the Help Desk, either to report a problem (such as a software bug), or to ask a question or to make a request.

Please try to give us as much information as you can to help diagnose the problem or to make the nature of your request clear. Except for the few required fields, you can leave things blank if they do not apply.

Please describe the problem:
Short summary:
Brief description, suitable for use as an e-mail subject line
When did this happen? Being more specific can help us find evidence in the server logs. Please include time zone!
Which e-Lab?
Which at is the general area of the problem?
Which part?
What part of the e-Lab does this report apply to?
(This item will be changed soon to checkboxes)
How bad is this problem? Or are you suggesting an improvment or giving feedback?
What were you doing, or trying to do, at the time of the error?
What web page address were you using when the problem occured?

What computer operating system and browser were you using at the time the problem occured?
Operating System: Version:
Browser:   Version:
Problem Description:
Please describe the problem, giving enough information that we can reproduce it ourselves,
or state your question or request here.
(Example: for cosmic rays DAQ problems include output from DG, DC, DT, V1 and V2 commands, and short snips of raw data from ST and DS commands)
CRMD Hardware Component:
Cosmic Rays e-Lab only.
If your problem is a hardware problem, which hardware elements are involved?
 GPS     DAQ     PMT     PDU     Counters     Cables     Other:   
DAQ Card #:
Cosmic Rays e-Lab only.
Serial number of cosmic ray data aquisition (DAQ) card.
You'll find this printed on the back side of the card, or run the 'H1' command.
LIGO e-Lab only.
What detector channel or channels were you using (or trying to use)?
Time interval:
LIGO e-Lab only.
What time interval were you looking at?
Start time:
End time:
Network Component:
For Networking problems: If your problem involves computer networking, please check the parts you think may be involved.
(checkboxes would go here)
Error Output:
Please cut-and-paste relevant error messages which demonstrate the problem.
Have you found a way to work around the problem? Or do you have a suggestion or idea for how to solve the problem?
Submitter information:
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We need to know who to contact if we need further information.
E-mail address:
Please give an e-mail address so that we can contact you in the event we need further information.
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What is your role in I2U2?
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For staff use only.
Send the report:

If you would rather send an e-mail to the project administrators the e-mail address is jgriffi8@nd.edu. Please be sure to include all of the information requested above, and please be aware that e-mail sent to that address may not immediately be added to our problem tracking system.

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